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Samantha Lowe photo is a safe space for all types of love and all kinds of humans! I welcome anyone and everyone and am constantly on the mission to grow and educate myself to be a better ally to all the humans that are different than I am! Whether that be religion, ethnicity, or who you love. Our differences are what make this world a beautiful place, I am here to support you and document what makes you, you. 

Love is Love ya'll

My Focus

Timeless wedding photography that captures everything from the posed and perfect to the emotions and funny moments. I will pose you like models when needed and be there in the background capturing the small moments too. Wedding days are full of magic, let me capture yours.

My full day wedding collections range from $2,800-3,500 depending on hours of coverage, number of photographers, and what's included! I have different packages available with the most popular being priced at 3,150 which is an 8 hour collection. :) Reach out below for more info or to build your own custom wedding package!


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Photography is my full time job and my sole income! Being able to pay my bills and have a profitable business that continues to live on is very important to me, but so is meeting amazing clients and photographing weddings! Please don't be afraid to reach out for more information and to start a conversation! 

Thank you!

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