Tampa Senior Photographer – Let’s Be Kind Photoshoot

Holy moly ya’ll. I am so freakin OBSESSED with this shoot!

Every single year I try to do something somewhat cool/special with my seniors for the very first group shoot, this year was no different. Lately I’ve been trying to just dig a little deeper in my business and my brand and really just figuring out what kind of example I want to set and what kind of voice I want to have for my girls! Every year I have a team of anywhere from 15-20 teenage girls, and they spend the entire year with me! It’s super important to me to encourage them to be leaders and examples in their schools to not just be social but to be KIND and to be encouraging to their fellow friends and classmates because I believe there can never be too much of that in the world!! Luckily my girls fell the same way and are ALL about spreading the love and I couldn’t be happier with these photos and what they stand for.

Shoutout to The Orlo for hosting us and for being the most gorgeous backdrop for this shoot! I can’t imagine these photos anywhere else and that gorgeous historic front porch really made them most magical backdrop! It made me super excited because I know they are also a wedding venue so fingers crossed I get to photograph another wedding there soon!

When the girls got to the location, I was frantically ripping apart flower petals to make flower confetti…it was a very successful idea (you’ll see those photos down below!) and then I handed out some cards and had each girl write down some kind words or an encouraging quote, whatever they wanted!

This resulted in some of my favorite photos to date with an extra special meaning behind them and that makes all the difference!

If you’re reading this please take a moment to read each and every one of these sweet messages and take them to heart! You deserve to be kind to yourself too!

After we take all of our photos as a group I always pull each girl aside to have a little one on one mini session with me! I’m going to share those photos down below for you guys too!





























Wow guys!! I cannot believe Class of 2020 is already here and I am just SO stoked and excited to have each and every one of these girls on the team!! We were unfortunately missing a couple of my babes from this shoot, but we have a few other shoots planned for this year so you will get to see their gorgeous faces soon!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by the blog and for your support! I love my seniors so much and am so thankful for each and every one of my girls!!

Can’t wait for our next shoot together!


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