Picnic Island Park // Engagement Session // Samantha Lowe Photo

Picnic Island Park Engagement Session

Joe & Lisa

Tampa, Florida

Wow guys where do I even begin with these two!! We had so much fun on this cold morning last month!! Joe and Lisa hold a near and dear place in my heart because they are two very important people to one of my friends and favorite boss lady over at @style hair and makeup Anna! Anna contacted me wanting me to do her best friends engagement session on her as a gift! (HOW SWEET IS THAT!?) and of course I was so excited because the drove here all the way from Jacksonville for their engagement session with me!! I mean I was blown away and so ecstatic to have them for the morning. Joe and Lisa are two of the nicest and down-to-earth humans I have met in a while and our morning flowed so nice and wonderful I somehow convinced Lisa to bring me to the island with them this summer for their wedding! hahaha (CAN”T WAIT BOO!) and I am SO excited to be there with them and tell their story in just a few months! Definitely keep an eye out for that wedding guys! It’s going to be AMAZING.

But Anna raved so much about them I just couldn’t wait to meet them in person!! They’re pretty much the most adorable humans you’ve ever seen, and love each other so much it makes you a little sappy no matter who you are! haha

Example A:

I am so excited to go with them to St. John in a few months and capture their wedding day with just their closest friends and family! This morning was a dream and I just have the best couples in the world! So thankful for you guys!!

– Sam

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