Dolla dolla bills ya’ll

Let’s talk about it! What the heck are you paying for?

AKA “What makes you different?

WELL. First off, if you’re here and even considering me as your photographer – THANK YOU! Want to know what makes me different? I genuinely care about you and work HARD to make sure my clients know. When you book with me you are booking an expert in lighting, editing, and not only that but I like to think I’m a pretty fun time lol. Real laughs, genuine smiles, and stolen moments in the sunshine are my top favorite things to have in front of my lens – being in nature and creating is my favorite but also just spending my time with good quality humans.

I have a genuine interest in making sure your experience with me is one you will look back on with joy and smiles and you will know at the end of the day you were taken care of by someone who went above and beyond for you – this time in your life (no matter what it is) is so incredibly special and deserves to be documented with care and excitement!

Couples – I want you to look back on your wedding day with a GIANT smile and be able to flip through your photos and not only relive the day, but see it from a story telling perspective that captures the best versions of you and your person. Oh and all your closest friends and family members of course.

Seniors –  My seniors are seriously one of my favorite things about my job and what got me started in professional photography! Getting to hangout in the sunshine posing, laughing, and being creative is SO much fun and showing my girls how STINKIN GORGEOUS THEY ARE is the cherry on top of my job! I have been photographing seniors for almost 7 years, and over those years have perfected the senior session experience! 


That being said – this is my full time career #BOSSLADY and it’s how I pay the bills – as long as you respect me (I promise I’ll earn that shit!) I have no problem going out of my way to make you happy. You’re investing in a professional business that is nationally published, insured, and too legit to quit . I have thousands of dollars worth of professional equipment , including backups of that gear, am constantly investing in education to grow in my field, and of course you are also paying for the years of experience! If you love my photos I promise you’ll love working with me just as much. I will do everything I can to make your photography experience fun, stress free, and EASY.



copywrite samantha lowe 2021