Becca Burkett // Class of 2018

Becca Burkett

Durant Senior High School

Longboat Key, FLorida


Hi Guys!! I am going to be trying SO hard to keep the blog more updated with recent work and business updates!! Since I got a little website refresh (thank you Hernan) and the blog is so much cleaner, it makes me want to blog wayyyyyyy more often - so bare with me while I try to get a blogging schedule together and share some of sessions!

Today I want to share Becca's session from just a couple of months ago! Becca wanted something boo and beauty, so we went to one of my favorite beach spots in Tampa Bay - Longboat Key! Her session was so sweet and beachy, and I even grabbed a few shots of her and her momma together.

We had SO much fun adventuring on the beach and getting pelted with waves, this is one of my favorite spots and is so worth the drive and all the effort it takes to get here! Becca is also one of my Senior Representatives and I just love her so much! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and checking out some favorites from her session! 

Have an amazing week!