Galentines Day Picnic // Rialto Theatre Tampa, Fl.

Class of 2018 

Galentines Day Picnic

Location: Rialto Theatre

Styling: Samantha Lee Photo


Hi Guys!!!!! First off, Happy Valentines Day!! I hope your day is full of love, and that you take a few minutes today to really take time and appreciate the ones you love and who mean the most to you. I myself just got back into town late last night, so me and my little family are having a down day full of snuggling on our new couch, cleaning, and of course I needed to do a little bit of blogging today in honor of this amazing shoot! Fun story, this entire setup was planned in a matter of only THREE hours. That's right... THREE. 

Don't get me wrong, we had planned this shoot for months, but a few things (everything) had to change last minute - but I am a huge believer that everything happens for a reason and this shoot turned out to be one of my favorite senior rep shoots of ALL time!! 

You see, originally we were supposed to have our Spring valentines day picnic on a farm! We were planning on spending the day with bunnies, chickens, baby goats, and were expecting a day full of sunshine on a beautiful little farm. It wasn't until the night before that I was going to rain (pour) all day long. Now, as you can imagine it is quite difficult coordinating a day and time with twelve teenage girls that works for everyone!!! This day had been picked out months in advance, and I will be in and out of town like a mad woman the next couple of months so we NEEDED to make this shoot happen no matter what!!

I posted on facebook, sent about ten emails, and just frantically tried to find somewhere remotely cute that could take us!! Thankfully, Hope from the Rialto reached out and was able to magically accommodate us that same day! The Rialto is absolutely breathtaking and a gorgeous blank slate for events, so when I reached out to all my girls and they were all willing to still make our photoshoot happen I was soooooo excited! The only problem was that our previous location pretty much had everything I would need as far as props go, so I didn't have to bring much. The Rialto is a completely blank slate, so I had three hours to source every prop, pallet, blanket, food, and florals for our shoot. It was insane but just the amount of insanity that I love - it ended up being one of my favorite senior rep sessions ever!!! Ok enough from me, hope you guys love this shoot and it inspires you to try something different and be ok with getting out of your comfort zone every now and then!

I bought a ton of florals from Trader Joe's before the shoot, and let the girls go crazy and each make their own little bouquet!! We used them in the shoot, and they got to take them home after!

During every group shoot it's really important to me to showcase each of my girls individually! My girls are all so different, and they love having the photos to post and share so that is always a priority for me!  

We ended the shoot seated around our picnic table eating cake and sharing genuine laughs. It was the type of day that really reminded me why I do what I do and why I love it so dang much!!!!

Well guys, Thank you SO much for stopping by the blog and checking out our amazing Galentines day photoshoot!!! If you are a Class of 2019 senior, I will be making some awesome announcements about the upcoming senior rep team so stay tuned!! Love you guys so much, thank you to everyone who came together to make this rainy day shoot happen so last minute! 

I truly believe I was made for this job and I feel so blessed every single day that this is my life and full-time career.  

I freakin LOVE my job.