Dasha Hamilton - St. Pete Senior Session

Dasha Hamilton

Bloomingdale Senior High School

Class of 2016

Hi guys, me again, so great to see you here today on the Blog! Today I want to showcase another Class of 2016 senior from Bloomingdale Senior High School :) Some images from Dasha's session actually quickly became some of my FAVORITE images of the entire year. First, let's just address the obvious! Dasha is absolutely STUNNINGGGG, I mean she has these huge green eyes and she's super athletic and just adorable.

We went to St. Pete, Florida and went to a location I had been dying to try out. The USF St. Pete campus has a few arches full of these beautiful Bougainvillea vines that just make an amazing backdrop for pictures. When I moved to Tampa, they quickly became one of my favorite things. We have these gorgeous vines all over the place here in Central Florida! When designing my logo, I knew I had to include some.

We walked around the campus for a few more minutes, and then drove a few blocks over to the main avenue!

Locations that are versatile and that allow us to capture different looks just within a few steps of each other is so important! I am doing the same amount of work, but my seniors and their momma's get plenty of looks and images to choose from when ordering their pictures! 

For Dasha's second look she had this adorable green romper that made her eyes just pop! By the main street in St. Pete, there are a few trees called Banyan trees... they are INCREDIBLE!!! They are so unique, and mostly only grow in Asia so getting to use them for sessions just makes me so happy. They look so beautiful as an all natural backdrop and they really complimented Dasha's gorgeous eyes. 

For Dasha's last look we wanted to walk on the street and get some cute sun lit shots of her with some of the best Gelato you'll ever have! Of course I got some too... just in case you were wondering lol. 

Annnnddddd that's a wrap!!! St. Pete is a little out of the way for me and most of my seniors, so getting to go there is really fun and I always have a blast with my girls :) Dasha came to life in front of my lens and her images were some of my favorite of ALL TIME!! 

I hope you enjoyed some of these images and maybe were able to grab a little inspiration for yourself :)



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