Camille Scheele - Tampa Senior Session

Camille Scheele

Joe E. Newsome High School

Class of 2016

Hair and Makeup - Style Hair & Makeup


Hi guys! Ok.... I know what you're thinking.. "but Sam, wasn't this a class of 2016 senior? didn't she already graduate?" and you, my friend, are correct. Camille's session WAS forever ago, but that ok because she's freakin awesome and I think we should talk about her anyways :) 

I took a LONG break from blogging over the past few months, and I realized I have a TON of senior sessions that I just HAVE to showcase because they were wonderful and my blog is the only area of my website where I get to showcase almost all of the images from my sessions. And this girl deserves a showcase ya'll... so stay tuned ;) 

We started the The Tampa Art Museum in Downtown Tampa, Fl. If you are a photographer in Tampa bay, you know this location all too well...Buttttttt for good reason. The Tampa Art Museum rests next to Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, which is AMAZING for pictures. Yes, I have now been there what seems like a million times. But that location is so great, because there are so many different spots in such a small area, the possibilities are endless. 

We took a little trip up to the parking garage rooftop, for some cap and gown pictures and to showcase Camille's college of choice!!!

AAANNNNNDDDDDDD back down the elevator we go! Typically I do NOT permit my seniors or any of my clients for that matter get anywhere near train tracks (SO many photographer horror stories!). But we had a very good view of both directions of the tracks , so we took a few minutes and guess who showed up guys... BAILEY!

Who is Bailey? Her dog.

That's right,  her dog. 

If you know me.... you know how much I love dogs and how happy this made me. 

I love my job.

How freaking STUNNING is Camille? Like.... Come on. 

For our final little spot, I made her crawl into the bushes, as I do with all of my clients ;) #sorrynotsorry and I absolutely love greenery and how organic and gorgeous it is. There's something so therapeutic about being surrounded by green when the sun is just so golden and glowing... I will never get enough.

Well guys... That's a wrap! Camille was so gorgeous, and I loved spending the afternoon with her and her family (including Bailey of course) and eating some yummy Taco Bus after the sun went down. I hope you enjoyed the images from her session and caught a glimpse at her amazing personality through her senior pictures. 

Food, dogs, and seniors??? 

Does it get any better than that?

I think not. 


With Love,


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