Best of Seniors - Class of 2016

Best Of - Class of 2016

I CANNOT believe it is already time for this blog post. I am just amazed at how fast this year has gone by, and how many AMAZING seniors I was blessed with this year. I wanted to gather some of my favorite pictures from my class of 2016 babies, and share them with you guys. 

This is such a bitter-sweet blog post for me to write... I am so happy and excited for all of you, but I am so sad to see you go. The most rewarding part about being a senior photographer, is getting to be with you during this time in your life where you are full of dreams, and the possibilities are endless. You can do ANYTHING you want, and I have no doubt all of my #samanthaleeseniors will exceed all expectations and are going to make me so proud. 

Ok fine... enough of that sappy crap. Without further ado, here is a collection of some of my favorite images from my Class of 206 Seniors!  

Skyler Simpson - Durant High School 

Payton Noble - Bloomingdale Senior High School 

Teagan O'neal - Joe E. Newsome High School

Reilly Arundell - Joe E. Newsome High School

Tori Daniels - Joe E. Newsome High School 

Tony Davis - Joe E. Newsome High School

Camille Scheele - Joe E. Newsome High School 


Dasha Hamilton - Bloomingdale Senior High School 

Ashleigh Vogt - Strawberry Crest High School 


Kally Martin - Braden River High School

Ryan Voyles - Bloomingdale Senior High School 

Kayla Davis - Bloomingdale Senior High School

Julie Alberts - Riverview High School 

Jenna Dahlin - Joe E. Newsome High School 


Andrew Pelk - Joe E. Newsome High School 

Jordan Pendergrass - Joe E. Newsome High School 

Allison Hutcheson - Joe E. Newsome High School 


Avalon Becklund - East Lake High School 

Well guys... That's a wrap for my class of 2016 seniors! I can't believe it, time went by too fast this year. You are all incredible, and I am SO THANKFUL you chose me to be your senior photographer. Almost all of you graduated with honors, and an amazing GPA which is so impressive to me. All of you are going to do some amazing things with this life, and getting to be a small part of it is a true gift. I cannot wait to see what you accomplish and watch you grow as individuals!! Some of you have already graduated, and some will be walking across that stage in just a few days.... good luck my loves. 

I wish you all absolutely nothing but the best. 


With love,