Jordan Pendergrass

Jordan Pendergrass - Newsome High School

Class of 2016

Oh sweet Jordan, where do I begin?! I am so happy this beautiful girl and her Momma found me, they are just adorable. When I first met with Jordan and her mom Linda, I knew right away we would get along great! Their family is from the PNW and moved here from Washington State! Something you might now know about me, is that I was actually born in Washington! ANDDDDD I am headed there this summer! So we had plenty to talk about, and it was a joy to get to know them. We started the day with Style Hair and Makeup for that perfect touch, and then we were ready for our first stop!

Jordan wanted to include a little more of an urban vibe, just to stay true to her Seattle roots! To do this, we started in the historic city of Ybor, before heading over to my favorite field!


Time for a quick outfit change! How freaking cute is this romper guys??

Slaying my life over here Jordan <3 AHHH!!!!

Get ready for some serious Seattle vibes! Umbrella's & coffee?? I don't think it get's much more Seattle than that...

Jordan also wanted to include her yellow bug, and of course if you know me you know I was DEFINITELY down for that! We drove up to the top of Ybor's parking garage, and with the city of Tampa in the background, I think it turned out pretty darn awesome.

Now for our second location! We got here just in time for some gorgeous sunshine. Of course we had to grab some smoke bomb shots, because would it really be a #samanthaleesenior session if we didn't??

Time for Jordan's final outfit, she and her mom brought lots of different props for her session! We were able to grab so many different shots in such a short period of time!

Those eyes! Those freckles! Are you kidding me Jordan??? We ended this gorgeous girls session at dusk, blowing bubbles and breathing in fresh air from the lake. Sessions like this are making me itch for summer.

For the full on Samantha Lee experience, Jordan chose the Luxe Session and I am so happy she did! We got to spend so much time together and her hair and makeup looked absolutely flawless, thanks to the team over at Style Hair and Makeup.

Well guys! That's it for today! I've got some awesome sessions in store for the blog, and hopefully some tip and trick blogs coming soon as well. I hope Jordan's beautiful personality shines through in her senior pictures, I just love them. I can't wait to see what this sweet girl does with her life and all the wonderful things I know she will accomplish.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog, I will see you soon!

With love,