Tony Davis - Newsome Senior High School, Class of 2016

Tony Davis

class of 2016

Hi guys! I wanted to make a quick blog post to showcase Tony's Gentleman's Session from last month. You might be thinking "Hey that guy looks familiar", which is probably true. Tony has been an awesome occasional photography assistant, and he is also the wonderful boyfriend of one of our awesome senior reps Skyler! In fact, I met Tony the very first time I met with Skyler to book her Luxe session. He was there and super supportive, and I knew right away I wouldn't mind his company at her senior session. In fact, during our very first senior rep team photo shoot, Tony came along and declared himself "assistant Tony" for the day! Haha, well as you can probably guess, I was nothing but happy about this declaration. A VOLUNTEER to hold that pesky reflector and help me out? Ummm... I will take that any day! 

I knew Tony would do a great job, and his pictures would come out good. I did not know however, just HOW great he would do. The kid needs to model or something, because he was a complete natural in front of the lens. 


Tony's session took place at Edward Medard State Park in Dover, Fl. Which is famous in the area for it's unique and beautiful trees. This was my first time shooting here, but I will definitely be back. 

Aren't these trees just THE BOMB?? Maybe it's just me, but I get super excited about awesome trees. Let me know if you feel the same, because we probably have some best friend potential going on there... lol. 

I love getting out and connecting to nature during my sessions, I think it is honestly one of my favorite parts. As you can see, we definitely got to accomplish that during Tony’s session, and I hope you love these trees and golden light as much as I do!

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With love,