What To Wear To Your Session - What Your Photographer Wants You To Know


I can't tell you how many times I get this question a week, but I LOVE IT. Guess what, your photographer WANTS you to ask these questions, they WANT you to care what you're wearing, because they care about you. What you wear on a day-to-day basis is rarely ever the ideal outfit for your photos, and that's ok. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes, and you don't need to become a stressed crazy woman trying to find the perfect color, or the perfect outfit. Check out some seriously helpful tips from a photographer who loves the question "WHAT THE HECK DO I WEAR?" 

Photo by IrinaTrumpe/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by IrinaTrumpe/iStock / Getty Images

Let's start with the basics.

Let's go back to your basic art for a second, the color wheel. Just bare with me for a sec, I'm about to show you some things that will help your photos jump off the screen. Complimentary Colors. 

Do NOT underestimate the power of complimentary colors ya'll. 

They are thebomb.com, and artists have been using them for centuries.

Let's talk about how they can come in handy for your session.

This image is one of my favorites for demonstrating complimentary colors to my clients. Complimentary colors are opposite of one-another on the color wheel, this means they cause the most amount of contrast in your images and compliment each other extremely well. Camille's red shirt in the green grass just takes this photo to the next level. She would look beautiful wearing any color, but this color with this setting... is perfect. 


I always talk to my seniors and other clients about where they want to go, where do they want to shoot? Do you love greenery, or are you a city person?

I tell them to think about that when choosing outfits. Oranges, red's and yellow's look stunning in green vibrant grass. If you're more of a beachy or city person, there tends to be a lot of cool tones. I recommend wearing neutral colors at the beach like creams, whites, grays, and light blues. 

For this couples session on the beach, I styled them in light blues which looked gorgeous at sunrise. normally I don't like matchy matchy, but the different materials and patterns make it work great! 

Another color that looks absolutely beautiful when paired with blue is Yellow!!! 

This is a styled shoot that I did a couple of months ago, I purposely dyed this dress the yellow color, and had the makeup artist give her a red lip that made the image pop even more! I will leave some more images using complementary colors down below :) 

I just LOVE the way red pops against greenery, of course neutral colors like creams and whites look great in greenery as well, I would recommend staying away from colors like navy and green! 


Creams and whites look beautiful in all setting with all different skin tones!

Shooting in greenery is my favorite, so those are the examples I always give my clients first because typically when they come to me that's what they are looking for! But this is Florida, so beach sessions are ALWAYS a must! I always recommend nuetral colors and cooler tones for beach sessions. See some examples below!

I love giving my clients advice on what to wear and as photographers we LOVE when you care what you're wearing. Any photographer will tell you he same thing, you caring what you're wearing is so awesome for you and for us as well. It makes you look great, and we as photographers walk away with some amazing images that are taken to the next level simply because you cared. 

I hope this blog post helps you out in some small way :) I know there are a million pinterest pictures and ideas out there about outfit ideas, but I hope this makes it a little easier for you! 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Come back soon!


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