Hello 2016!

Hello 2016!

Wow, am I late on this blog post or WHAT? I cannot believe I have not added to the blog in FOUR months… What the heck sam… There are so many sessions I want to share with you that took place in 2015! But for now I just want to dedicate this entire blog post to saying Thank YOU, and to announce the big change that happened on January 1st.

December 31st 2015 marked the last day of “Dahlberg Photography” and the end to a very very wonderful first year of business. I started out the year as a student with a dream and a crazy idea that I could be a business owner at 19 years old. It was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  I learned so much about photography, owning a business, and myself. I created a website (but you already knew that hehe), upgraded to a full-frame camera, gave Best Buy a huge chunk of my hard earned money (photography is expensive, ok?), switched from Nikon to Canon, switched from PC to Mac, created my first Senior Rep team, worked behind the scenes on a movie set, shot some of the most incredible people in the world (I might be just a tad biased), and met and learned from other amazing talented and creative small business owners.

By around mid-September, I knew I wanted to rebrand the business. It’s not because I wasn’t happy being “Dahlberg Photography”, but I had learned so much about myself in my first year and I finally feel like I have found my niche and who I am as a Photographer. I also know that I won’t be “Samantha Dahlberg” for the rest of my life (fingers crossed) and would much rather change my business name sooner rather than later to avoid as much confusion as possible.



My very first logo was ordered online through a company that specializes in creating them, I sent them what I wanted and what I wanted my “colors” to be and they sent me back a few prototypes before I decided on one. It was a simple process that I thought was so fun because I was just starting out and to have my name look pretty was petty darn fun. Above is the first logo that I proudly stood by and am still proud of today. But there was one problem, it showed my clients absolutely no indication of who I am as a photographer. It was dark and included a globe (which I love) but had nothing to do with my photography. Maybe if I was a travel photographer, this would make sense… but I’m not. My images aren’t dark, they are full of light and color! I knew it didn’t match what I was producing, and I think brand consistency is pretty important for any business owner.

So I looked all over Etsy and found one logo prototype that caught my eye for months. I kept looking and looking but nothing fit me or called to me quite like this one did. Eventually I gave into myself and purchased my new logo!!! EEEEPP!

I am now “Samantha Lee Photography” and couldn’t be happier! I cannot express how obsessed I am or how much I stand behind this new name and company logo. I hope all of my clients and friends love it as much as I do! I feel like I am finally getting the hang of things over here. I am expecting an even crazier and eventful year, so stay tuned! I will be blogging much more often and sharing a TON more sessions with you! It is also in the plans to start a YouTube channel all about starting your own business, photography, and anything else I think could be helpful to other young entrepreneurs.

Finally I just want to say THANK YOU to all of my supporters and friends. You made my first year of business truly amazing, and I will cherish it forever. Leave a comment below if there's anything in particular you would like to hear about on my YouTube channel. If you made it to the end of this blog post, I truly applaud you my friend.

With Love,