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Today I want to share a little creative session that took place about a month ago. This was my first time shooting with Melissa and It turned out just as I had imagined! It was a very relaxed and chill shoot, we drove to Siesta Key Beach together and got there about an hour or so before sunset (magic hour, or course) and was just what we needed! I also want to talk about a product I fell in love with during this shoot. Stay tuned...

My photographer friend Blake Cortes is sponsored by Tiffen and always uses their filters in his work. He is an awesome lifestyle photographer that is great at what he does, you can check out his work HERE. I was hanging out with him during one of his shoots a few weeks prior and he gave me one of Tiffen's black satin filters to test out in the field… He told me how beautifully the filter worked on skin but I was definitely doubtful and didn’t really know what to expect. Since we were going to be shooting on the beach (where highlights and harsh light are abundant) I thought it would be the perfect time to test it out and see if it made a difference. Please see said "difference" in the beautifully glowing skin below... 


FRIENDS, if you are a photographer you NEED these filters in your life. I had no idea something so small could make such a difference! I have never- let me repeat that, NEVER shot in direct sunlight and loved the outcome. I think when I first picked up a camera and had absolutely no idea what I was doing I might have shot in direct sun once or twice, but that definitely doesn’t mean those images looked good… lol. Once I screwed on my Black Satin filter and shot a few images, I was so shocked and could immediately notice a difference.

I wish I had taken a few images without the filter, so I could show you the difference. But I will list below some of what this filter claims to accomplish (and in my opinion definitely does), you can read more about it HERE.

Product Features & Benefits : Black Satin 2 Filter

·         Smoothes out unwanted blemishes and wrinkles

·         Gives a silky smooth look to textured surfaces

·         Softens details in a unique manner, while adding a grainier mild glow to  highlights

·         Effect of lighter grades more subtle with higher grades becoming gradually  more noticeable

I found that Melissa’s caramel skin with the combination of direct sunlight and this Black Satin filter made her absolutely GLOW. And let me tell you, when you are a portrait photographer who mainly works with women, this is an amazing product to have in your kit. Every single woman I know would want to have glowing skin. I feel like these filters aren’t talked about nearly as much as they need to be, but maybe that’s a good thing. I recently worked as a behind the scenes photographer for a movie set, and was of course captivated by the giant film cameras worth tens of thousands of dollars, with lenses attached that were worth just as much. And you know what those cameras had attached to their lenses? Yup, TIFFEN FILTERS. And if they’re good enough for feature film cinematographers then they are damn sure good enough for me. Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these babes, you won't regret it.


Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Tiffen Filters in any way and they did not ask me to say one thing about their product. They are just worth talking about, and I think greatness deserves to be shared.

Thank you for stopping by the blog! I hope this was helpful and maybe you also learned something like I did! Maybe I am just way behind, but I am sure there is a few of you out there who didn’t know about them either… lol


With love,

-Samantha L.


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