Say Hello to DP's Senior Rep Team!

Well friends, registration to become a DP senior rep officially ended this past Sunday, so I can now OFFICIALLY announce the Class of 2016 Senior Rep Team! EEEEPPPPP!!!

If you can't already tell, I am SO excited about having these girls as my Senior Reps. I couldn't feel more blessed to have such smart, sweet, and GORGEOUS girls on my team! I have had a few girls in the past year that were senior models for me, but this is the first year that I have an ACTUAL senior rep program! 

I wanted to throw a little party for the girls who were interested to come and bring their moms and just have fun and hear about what it takes to be a senior rep, what I am all about  as a photographer, what is expected of a senior rep, and of course to talk about how much fun we are going to have during their senior year!

Our little party was hosted by Anna & Lauren (the best hair and makeup team ever!) at their studio in Tampa. These are the girls that all of my seniors will also be working with, so it was so awesome that we got to have the party at their beautiful new studio. You can checkout their awesomeness HERE

What's a party without sparkling grape juice and cupcakes? 

Cupcakes were artfully crafted by  Gigi's Cupcakes, Tampa. 

Cupcakes were artfully crafted by Gigi's Cupcakes, Tampa. 

Now for the BEST part! Let's meet Dahlberg Photography's class of 2016 Senior Reps!

We ended up with five beautiful girls that I know will do a fabulous job representing what Dahlberg Photography is all about. My goal was to find girls who are beautiful on the inside. Not only did I find girls who fit this description perfectly, but I'm pretty sure each of my senior reps is on her way to ruling the world one day! I am so proud of my Senior Rep team :) I am a strong believer in quality over quantity and I can't wait to spend the next year getting to know these girls even better and capture beautiful photographs with them. 

This is the ever-gorgeous Payton Noble. Payton is a senior from Bloomingdale Senior High School in Valrico, Fl.  She was one of the very first girls that I knew would be one of my senior reps! We've been waiting a long time for her to become a senior ;) hehe. I already love the Noble family and am so excited to get her gorgeous face in front of my camera again!

This green-eyed gorgeous girl is Teagan O'Neal. Teagan is starting her first year of public school as a senior at Newsome High School. Gosh, where do I even begin with this girl?! Teagan has been assisting me on my photoshoots the past few months. She has endured mosquito after mosquito to help me get the perfect shot, and has been my "behind the scenes girl" for far too long! She plays piano, is a master of dance, and is incredibly smart.  I am so excited to finally have her in front of my camera instead of behind it! 

This adorable smile belongs to Tori Daniels! Tori is a senior at Newsome High School :) Tori's smile is just so cute and infectious. I can tell Tori is the type of girl who is nice to everyone she meets, which is my type of girl! Tori speaks freely of her faith and that is just such an admirable quality to me :) I can't wait to get to know her and her family better this coming year! 

The one with frosting on her face would be of course be Skyler Simpson! Lol! Skyler and her awesome mom met with me the day before my senior rep party to book Skyler's senior session! I invited them to the party and to my pleasant surprise Skyler wanted to also be a part of my senior rep team! Skyler is a Junior graduating early at Durant High School. I can't wait for Skyler's Luxe Senior session in a couple of weeks, it's going to be absolutely stunning. :)

The four girls above got signed up the day of the party, but to my surprise I had one more beautiful face join the team!

This is Reilly Arundell from Newsome High School! Reilly heard about being a DP senior rep from her friends Payton and Tori and i'm so glad she found me before it was too late! I truly feel that Reilly completes the team perfectly and is going to be an awesome addition. Her and her mom were so nice and excited about the program, I can't wait to get to know them better throughout Reilly's senior year :)


It's hard to believe that ALL of these girls are just as gorgeous on the inside as they are on the outside, but you better believe it. I am so thankful that God brought them all into my life! I cannot wait for our senior rep session in just a few short weeks. I will definitely be sharing all of our group photos on the blog. 

Hope you enjoyed meeting these gorgeous girls because I sure did :)



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