Style Hair & Makeup

The raddest chicks in Tampa Bay

Anna Dutko & Lauren Edwards

Anna & Lauren are not only extremely gorgeous on the outside, but they're just as beautiful on the inside. Oh, and did I mention that they are both extremely talented???

When you see gorgeous makeup on any of my models or seniors,  Style Hair & Makeup is always the team responsible. 

While they specialize in bridal makeup and hair- they are truly capable of anything. I get some crazy ideas and they never fail to understand my vision and exceed my expectations!  I highly recommend them to anyone in the Tampa Bay Area, I have NEVER had a model or senior not absolutely love their work. In fact, I have repeatedly been told by my models (who have worked with tons of different artists) that Anna and Lauren are their favorites by far.

Because they recently launched their official business partnership and studio opening, they wanted some new headshots and photos that they could display on their website and that would reflect their personalities!

We took on a professional vibe at first, but then we got to dress them up in gorgeous colors and let the glitter fly! Oh.... and of course eat some amazing cupcakes (insert heart emoji here).

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