Magnus Teegarden

A Lifestyle family session in Navarre, Fl.

 Hey you there! Keep scrolling for some serious cuteness. 

 Hey you there! Keep scrolling for some serious cuteness. 

Hello friend! Thank you for stopping by the blog. Today I want to share a session with you that is not really a "normal" session for me :) As you may know, I specialize in natural light portrait photography. I mostly work with seniors in high school and with experienced models when I am working on a creative shoot!

Now please don't get me wrong! I LOVE working with families and meeting my amazing clients. I 100% believe that every single person I get to work with has been put in my life by God and I believe that I am extremely blessed to work with everyone he chooses to place in my life. :)

ANYWAYS I was super excited to get to photograph Magnus and his adorable Mom & Dad, their little family is very special to me. The day of their session was actually the very first time I got to meet Magnus since he was born almost 4 months ago!!! And before I go on I just need to take a moment to tell you guys that he was the most photogenic baby in the history of babies. He LOVED the camera... like I mean a RIDICULOUS amount of love. Magnus was only three months old during his session and to be honest, I was a little worried that he would be fussy and scared of the big giant camera that I was essentially sticking in his face. But NO! Magnus was smiling, staring, and making the funniest faces throughout our entire session and I was floored! 

Ok.... enough about that, time for some adorable baby photos ***enter heart eyes here*** 

Just LOOK at those big baby blues... 

Magnus was a true fashionista and came prepared to his session with many different looks for me to choose from ;)  hehe

equipped with little bowtie onesies, baseball bats, and of course all of his favorite stuffed animals. We had plenty of options to choose from. 

Mom is a BIG baseball fan so of course we had to include his little baseball outfit. I myself am not a huge baseball fan. but I think after seeing Magnus in his little baseball uniform I might be a fan ;) 

As you can see, I had more than enough silly faces to choose from. I was pretty much dying laughing by the time I was finished with his session :) Such a happy baby and so many smiling and funny faces.

While this session was shot indoors, it was still shot using 100% natural light. 

As always, thank you for stopping  the blog. I hope you enjoyed the adorable Magnus and a blog post about his sweet Mommy and Daddy is coming soon!




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