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Model - Avalon Dawn

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Hello fellow mermaid lovers! I wanted to make a blog post about my Modern Mermaid shoot because this shoot was a very special project to me. So much planning went into this entire session from beginning to end! I am going to share a few of my secrets from this shoot with you. If you have any questions please comment and I will do my best to answer them!

For this shoot in particular, I did hire a model! I will be sharing my experience with that process in a separate blog post. One of the main reasons I hired a model was because I had a very specific look in mind for this shoot. I knew exactly what I was looking for, and when I found Avalon I knew instantly she would be perfect for the shoot! 

While this shoot is inspired by mermaids, I wanted to keep it modern and put my own twist on the concept. Avalon is sponsored by a few swimwear companies, so her bathing suits you see throughout these images are from a couple of different swimwear companies such as Mermaid Life and Gorgeous Life Swimwear 

Her "Tail" was handmade by myself, and was so much easier than it looks! I found an old vintage dress that had a broken zipper at goodwill. I knew I could turn it into the "tail" I had imagined. By cutting off the top of the dress and sewing an elastic band around the wait I was able to create the Mermaid Tail I had in mind! 

I wanted to create a mermaid crown, but I wanted it to be unique.  When I was a kid my Nanna would take me to little seashell shops in town for fun. I was always fascinated by the big, colorful sea fans they had for sale. I have always wanted to do something crafty with them, but up until this shoot I had never gotten the chance!  

To create the crown, I cut the sea fan into three triangular pieces. I used my handy dandy hot glue gun to attach them to a plastic childs crown and then spray painted it matte black! Once the base of the crown was complete I used hot glue to add seashells, and then added another coat of the matte spray paint. Once the paint was dry, I used beading wire to weave in a few sparkly beads for that finishing touch!

Golden Hour (literally)

For our last look, we wanted all gold everything! We covered Avalon in gold glitter, and that combined with her cover-up from The Mermaid Life, was a perfect combination.  

All in all, this was probably my favorite session I have ever done! I could not be happier with the way everything turned out.


- Samantha



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